The Circus Train by Amita Parikh

在欧洲最宏伟的巡回马戏团 “奇迹世界”,每时每刻都充满了魔力,一切都不像想象的那样–尤其是对表演的人来说。

莉娜-帕帕多普洛斯(Lena Papadopoulos)一直没有在马戏团中找到自己的位置,即使是作为非凡的头牌幻术师西奥的女儿。尽管父亲对她过度保护,而且因为她是残疾人,她的世界对她有限制,但莉娜还是渴望现实世界的科学和医学的魔力。她的非常规生活发生了激动人心的变化,她救了亚历山大,一个有着自己的秘密和神秘的过去的孤儿。几年来,随着他们的友谊不断发展,阿立师作为幻术师的学徒接受训练,第二次世界大战在他们周围不断升级。当Theo和Alexandre被安排到纳粹建立的犹太人示范镇工作和表演时,Lena开始与她所知道的一切分离。迫于生计,莉娜必须面对自己的疑虑,敢于相信不可能的事情–她自己。


At the World of Wonders, Europe’s most magnificent travelling circus, every moment is full of magic, and nothing is as it seems–especially for the people who put on the show

Lena Papadopoulos has never quite found her place within the circus, even as the daughter of the extraordinary headlining illusionist, Theo. Brilliant and curious, Lena yearns for the real-world magic of science and medicine, despite her father’s overprotection and the limits her world places on her because she is disabled. Her unconventional life takes an exciting turn when she rescues Alexandre, an orphan with his own secrets and a mysterious past. Over several years, as their friendship flourishes and Alexandre trains as the illusionist’s apprentice, World War II escalates around them. When Theo and Alexandre are contracted to work and perform in a model town for Jews set up by the Nazis, Lena becomes separated from everything she knows. Forced to make her own way, Lena must confront her doubts and dare to believe in the impossible–herself.

A must-read for fans of The Night Circus and Water for Elephants, The Circus Train will take readers on a heart-wrenching and spectacular two-decade journey across Europe. When all is lost, how do you find the courage to keep moving forward?


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