The Convert by Stefan Hertmans


中世纪刚刚开始,来自一个富裕的法国家庭的年轻女子维格迪斯·阿德拉斯爱上了该市犹太学院的学生、拉比的儿子大卫·托德罗斯。为了在一起,他们必须逃离他们的城市,Vigdis 放弃了特权和舒适的生活。在她父亲的骑士们的追捕下,不断面临背叛的危险,这对恋人踏上了前往法国南部的危险旅程,却发现他们短暂的幸福被随着第一次十字军东征席卷欧洲的恶性反犹太主义浪潮所摧毁. Stefan Hertmans 一丝不苟地追溯了 Vigdis 的史诗般的旅程,先是穿越法国,然后再到巴勒莫和中东。他将事实与虚构相结合,以巨大的想象力和风格上的独创性,精心想象她的可怕考验,将中世纪带入生活,并照亮一个充满激情、仇恨、爱和死亡的混乱世界。

In this dazzling work of historical fiction, the Booker International-longlisted author of War and Turpentine reconstructs the tragic story of a Medieval Christian noblewoman who abandoned her life for the love of a Jewish boy.

The Middle Ages have just begun when Vigdis Adela�s, a young woman from a prosperous French family, falls in love with David Todros, a student at the city’s yeshiva, and the son of a rabbi. To be together, they must flee their city, Vigdis renouncing a life of privilege and comfort. Pursued by her father’s knights and in constant danger of betrayal, the lovers embark on a dangerous journey to the south of France, only to find their brief happiness destroyed by the vicious wave of anti-Semitism that sweeps Europe with the onset of the First Crusade. Stefan Hertmans meticulously retraces Vigdis’s epic journey, first across France and then beyond, to Palermo and the Middle East. Blending fact and fiction, and with immense imagination and stylistic ingenuity, he painstakingly imagines her terrible trials, bringing the Middle Ages to life, and illuminating a chaotic world of passion, hate, love, and death.


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