孤儿故事 – The Orphan’s Tale by Pam Jenoff

这是一个奇妙的马戏团冒险故事,比先前的其他同类作品更凸显出人物的坚韧品格,展现了更危急的情境……杰诺芙书写了对人性精神的致敬,这精神穿透了宏大的绝望迷雾。 ——美国国家公共广播电台

一个扣人心弦的故事,展现了友谊在最黑暗的环境中所具有的拯救与救赎的力量。《孤儿故事》是发生在纳粹德国的最为绚丽动人的女性故事之一,这是一本不容错过的书。 ——梅勒妮·本杰明,《纽约时报》畅销榜作家


穿过树林,筋疲力尽的诺亚被一个德国马戏团救起。善良的马戏团主诺 伊霍夫先生愿意庇护诺亚和小婴儿,但诺亚必须学会高空秋千表演,以便不受怀疑地隐藏于马戏团中。负责训练诺亚的是被纳粹丈夫抛弃的犹太高空杂技师阿斯特丽德,她对诺亚并不信任。在朝夕相处中,两人逐渐互相了解,彼此的牵绊日益加深。然而,随着外部危险的加剧,两人必须决定是否为了友谊拯救对方……

Look out for Pam’s new book, The Lost Girls of Paris, a story of friendship and courage centered around three women and a ring of female spies during World War II – coming soon!

New York Times best seller!

“Readers who enjoyed Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale and Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants will embrace this novel. ” (Library Journal)

“Secrets, lies, treachery, and passion…. I read this novel in a headlong rush.” (Christina Baker Kline, number one New York Times best-selling author of Orphan Train)

A powerful novel of friendship set in a traveling circus during World War II, The Orphan’s Tale introduces two extraordinary women and their harrowing stories of sacrifice and survival 

Sixteen-year-old Noa has been cast out in disgrace after becoming pregnant by a Nazi soldier and being forced to give up her baby. She lives above a small rail station, which she cleans in order to earn her keep… When Noa discovers a boxcar containing dozens of Jewish infants bound for a concentration camp, she is reminded of the child that was taken from her. And in a moment that will change the course of her life, she snatches one of the babies and flees into the snowy night. 

Noa finds refuge with a German circus, but she must learn the flying trapeze act so she can blend in undetected, spurning the resentment of the lead aerialist, Astrid. At first rivals, Noa and Astrid soon forge a powerful bond. But as the facade that protects them proves increasingly tenuous, Noa and Astrid must decide whether their friendship is enough to save one another – or if the secrets that burn between them will destroy everything.


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